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    Welcome to Leco Electric

    Leco Electric is an importer of all types of Christmas lighting with our main emphasis on quality and service. We have been supplying Christmas lighting to retailers and display companies for many years and remain committed to delivering the best quality Christmas and Holiday lighting while offering a superior level of service.

    We consider our Miniature Light Sets to be the finest quality available. Our sets have the longest lasting and the brightest bulbs. Our colors are deeper and richer than any others. We offer sets with a wide variety of spacings, from 2 1/2 inches to 8 inches, to meet all your needs.

    Our C7 and C9 bulbs are also of superior quality. We offer both 120 volt and 130 volt long life C7 and C9 bulbs. In addition to 25-light "C" sets, we also offer heavy duty commercial wirings for "C" bulbs. These wirings are available in reels of 500 and 1000 feet, and in strings of 50 and 100 sockets with plugs. We have both 16 and 18 gauge wirings.

    We also offer C7 and C9 LED bulbs in both faceted and traditional styles. Our fully rectified LED sets are available in 3 types of lenses: concave, M5 and C6.

    Our competitive pricing, wide variety of products, and high standards for quality, safety, and reliability continue to make Leco Electric an industry giant.

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